Analyse technology partnerships to thrive in the digital era

Creating a Strategy that Transforms Partnerships for Modern Finance Leaders

It might surprise some firms how quickly the latest trends and technology that were once far removed from their day-to-day lives are catching on. With new technology popping up so frequently, accountants will be swimming in a sea of information. Accountants can start with understanding these new tech trends in the context of their role and how the technology can be beneficial to their clients.

The following are some of the challenges preventing enterprises from starting on a digital journey:

Some enterprises have an overload of legacy systems and platforms and scattered employee and customer data

There are concerns over the security of their data during the digital transformation journey. A lack of clear understanding of the issues and internal skills to address them. A lack of funds to execute on their digital strategy.

The ability of marketing leaders to respond to these challenges will depend on their role within the organisation. Whereas the job of the chief financial officer is well understood and accepted, the job of the marketing leader is more ambiguous and varied depending on the industry, the role of the sales function, and the importance of advances in information technology.