Bringing Application Platform Architects Together

Effective measures runtime to build a cloud-ready application architecture

The rise of digital economy, driven largely by a variety of new generation companies in the online market place space on-demand economy as well as media start-ups. While application design focuses on designing applications to achieve the business outcome, platform design focuses on nonfunctional aspects to provide a supportive environment. Platform design focuses on services to host and run the application in an optimal way and respond to application design demands.

The clash between service usage designs in applications becomes a cause of confusion, resulting in developers not fully utilizing platform capabilities in applications. This leads to suboptimal application design, unpredictable performance, underutilized platform, and even failed implementation owing to inconsistent application behaviour in Cloud-native solutions.

What are the goals for such an architecture?

  1. Enterprises need to be able to manage their data assets and derive insights in real-time from these data assets while looking to optimise costs.
  2. Architecture shall further enable enterprises to bring all their digital assets together and help them make far better decisions.
  3. Architecture shall enable tighter and better collaboration among decision-makers.

This is service-based or service-oriented architecture, at its essence. While many understand the concepts, developers still have a tendency to create tightly coupled applications that focus on the user interface, rather than expose the underlying functions as services they can leverage independently.