Microlearning Platform for your Enterprise

Capability of the vendor to provide a microlearning ecosystem

"If you pay any attention to the world of corporate learning and development you know that “microlearning” has been one of the biggest buzzwords for a few years now".

Organisations today have to continuously focus on upgrading their employee skills to help them meet their career aspirations and organisational goals. And to ensure optimum learning outcomes, it is important to provide learning in a format they want and which they can access on the device of their choice.

As mobile devices and the Internet take centre-stage, one way forward for organisations is to adopt microlearning techniques to provide valuable training in the form of micro-sized nuggets. Microlearning not only helps to capture the attention of the learners but also provides them with the information they need at their fingertips, anywhere and at the time they need it the most.

Developing a training strategy that drive business results

Developing a training strategy that meets these goals requires a strategic alignment between the training you provide and specific business objectives. We call this “smart” training. Smart training connects learning objectives – the skills and information you need your people to have – with the business objectives they need to meet.

The only way to make these connections is through the development of a corporate learning strategy that identifies the following key elements:

Specific Business Objectives – What are the specific financial and/or human capital goals your company is trying to meet? Your business objectives should provide the framework for your strategy.

Audience – What are the roles that have a direct impact on each of these goals? Training should focus on employees in these roles.

Delivery Method – How will training be delivered? This includes identifying the type of content needed, the medium through which it is delivered and how learning will be measured.

Performance Support – How will performance be supported? Training must be applied and reinforced to be effective and should continually evolve to meet changing needs.